Pee Wee Bronze Party

     Our Pee Wee Bronze Paintball Party is designed for up to 6 players and includes unlimited paintballs.  This package gives you a private referee and access to private fields for private play for a 90 minute period without the worry of playing with other experienced guests.  Four to five games is about all the time this package lends itself for your guests.  Should you feel that more play time is essential for your overall paintball experience, we recommend you looking at our Pee Wee Silver Package.  All paintball rental and safety equipment is included with our Pee Wee Bronze Package and additional guests are always welcome.

 Each Bronze Party Guest will Receive:

  • 90 Minutes of Play
  • "Unlimited" 50 Cal "Field Paint Only" Paintballs
  • JT Splatmaster Z200 Shotgun
  • Full Face Safety Goggles
  • Private Referee for the Group
  • Access to Private Playing Fields



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