Airsoft Op: Exodus

June 30th, 2019

Start time: 0900

Entry Fee:

$15 pre reg (until 06/29/19)
$20 day of registration


This will be an objective-based Operation.

There will be 6 objectives in total your team need to collect.

Three of the objective will be available in the first half of the Op. The other three will not be available until the second half of the Op.

Objectives are able to be looted off Enemy players
• for example If  a enemy squad has two objectives and your squad is able to wipe them out you are only able to loot one of their objectives.

Contaminated Areas

•Contaminated areas are off limits until timer limit is up.
•If you enter a contaminated area during the timer limit, you must drop your primary and switch to your secondary/sidearm until timer is up.
•Once you enter a contaminated area, you CAN NOT leave until the timer is up.
•Each contaminated area timer varies and are randomly activated.
•If a person in a squad goes into the contaminated areas, the rest of the squad will not be affected.


•Each squad must be no more than 4 per squad.
•Each squad must have one medic.
•Each player in each squad must carry one cure per person. One person CAN NOT carry more than one cure at a time.
•Squads can make alliances but CAN NOT finish the event with their alliances. There must be one squad at the end.
•Each player in each squad has 2 revives and must return to the “safezone” or “green-zone”

Age Requirements: 

Minimum age required to play in this event is 12 years old. It is recommended that a player under the age of 15 be accompanied by an adult.
Players are welcome to arrive after 8:00am. Available parking will be on right side of the building on the grass. You may set up directly behind your vehicle.


There will be snacks such as candy bars, soda, energy drinks, water and Gatorade available in the registration building. You may also bring you own food and snacks.

Rules & Safety:

SMP holds safety as its #1 priority followed closely by fun and enjoyment of the sport. This event is geared towards the mature, level-headed player's  with common sense and honest attitude.

SMP requires everyone to have a barrel cover over the tip of their gun when not on the playing field, as well as magazine out and safety on!

-All pistols must be holstered.

-All players are required to attend the safety briefing prior to the start of the game!

-Approved face protection must remain on at all times while on the field or chronograph areas.  Do not remove face protection under any circumstance.

-Fully sealed approved goggle systems must be used (may including paintball goggle/mask systems or approved full seal Airsoft goggles that meet or exceed ASTM standards.) For players under 18 years old, the full face and ears must be covered by a mask system.

-There will be a Mandatory Ejection of any players lifting or removing goggle/ full-face mask system while in goggle on areas (Playing Field, Chronograph Area, Target Area) after being personally warned once.  This includes any action in which a player touches his/her Eye Protection in such a way that the seal of the goggles is broken.

-NO MESH GOGGLES. ANSI Z87.1 and/or ASTM F-1776-99a rated (or greater) ballistic eye protection will be accepted.)

Cease Fire:

Players or staff should call cease fire if they themselves or another player is injured, loses their eye protection or requires immediate admin/medical attention.
Mandatory Equipment: gun, face protection/goggles, red dead rag and barrel cover
Recommended Equipment: helmet, boots, knee pads, gloves, long pants and long sleeve shirt.
YOU MAY NOT WEAR RED, OR FLUORECENT CLOTHING OR GEAR. Red color represents a dead player ( ie: dead rag) and fluorescent color represents referee or staff. This would confuse players, therefore will not be allowed.

Airsoft is a game of honor/integrity, please call your own hits. Do not call other players out. If you believe the hits on another player is not being called, please inform a ref and he/she will look into it.

-Players caught cheating will get one warning and after that they will be ejected from the game.

Hit Rule: If you are hit anywhere on you or your person or gear, you are out. Gun hits and ricochets do not count as a hit. Friendly fire counts. Once you are hit, please call yourself out and pull your dead rag out and place it on top of your head or hold it up until you walk back to respawn or staging area. You may also wait on a team medic. Bleed out time is 3 minutes.

-Dead Man Tell No Tales: once shot do not communicate with any player in play. The only thing you are allowed to do is call for a "MEDIC".
Medic rule- The medic must grab ahold of your arm or leg and hold it there for 30 seconds (1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi) for you to come back alive.

-ONLY medics are allowed to heal other Medic players. Number of medics will be determined by the number of players signed up for the event.

-Bleed out rule- If you get tired of waiting for a medic or it is impossible for your medic to get to you may either return to your respawn and re enter or bleed out to a medic after 3 minutes of being hit.

-Bang Bang rule: If a player enters into close range combat (inside the 10' minimum engagement distance where firing his/her weapon is against the rules, and has a clear line of sight to the enemy and the enemy is "dead to rights") use the BANG BANG rule. The BANG BANG rule is put into play for safety reasons only. It is not a way of killing someone tactically. If your enemy says “BANG BANG” to you, you should honor the call and immediately yell HIT and pull out your red dead rag.



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