SMP Presents "12 Days of Christmas" on December 2nd, 2017



Story Line:

The snowman is actually the son of The Winter King and, employs a strong streak of mischief in all he does.He has been thinking about Santa, and his wonderful workshop. It seemed Santa had the perfect life: A marvelous home, lots of friends, plenty of toys, loved by everybody. But why wouldn't Santa let The Snowman be a part of Christmas? It just didn't seem fair to The Snowman. The Snowman started imagining himself as Santa, giving out toys, being loved by everyone around. At that moment, something occurred to The Snowman: "Why should Santa keep all that love, good tidings, and friendship for himself? That didn't seem fair. Maybe, it's time someone else got to be Santa.". And with that, The Snowman came up with a sneaky plan to take Santa's spot. The Snowman, and his minions started attachking Santa's Village with small patorls, but Santa sent his elves to fight back, starting a series chaotic battles. The elves, and the snowman minions will meet in the center of Santa's village. The elves are prepared to melt, and blow up the snowman minions while the snowman minions prepare to freeze, and shooting out balls at the elves. As the major battle is coming, each side is prepared claim an easy victory, but Santa knows that the conflict has to end. Christmas was is only days away! Santa has decided to take matters into his own hands by going to help his elves end the conflict. The Snowman is preparing more of his minions came to outnumber Santa, and the elves.

Event Pricing

$25 Early-Bird Registration:

Valid until November 13th, 2017 at Midnight

$30 Early Registration:

Valid until November 20th, 2017 at Midnight

$40 Pre-Registration:

Valid until November 27th, 2017 at Midnight



  • Free Event T-Shirt
  • $10.00 off a case of Marballizer Paintballs (When pre-paid online)
  • Entry Fee
  • All day air pass
  • Limited Edition Player ID card
  • Full Rental Equipment (Free)


General Information

Open mode of fire (Semi, Ramping, Burst, and Full Auto) with 12.5bps (Rate of Fire)

Field speed limit will be 285fps (Feet per second)

Game Times:

December 2nd, 2017

7:30am - Registration Opens

7:30am - Pro-Shop Opens

9:15am - Safety/Game Briefing

9:45am - Players Report to the field

10:00am - Game Begins

1:00pm - Lunch Break

2:00pm - Game Resumes

3:00pm - Break for Final Battle

3:10pm - Final Battle Game Brief

3:30pm - Final Battle Begins

4:00pm - Game Concludes

4:30pm - Scores, Awards and Raffle drawing

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