Silverback Productions Presents "ENIGMA: Axis & Allies" on March 10, 2018


Story Line:

ENIGMA: Axis & Allies

In the heart of World War II, both Axis and Allied powers were fighting a hidden war to break the others' code and gain the upper hand on the field of battle. In 1942, the German Army stood nearly invincible again the allied powers. The German army was victorious in an almost unbroken chain of battlefield successes. Europe lay under German domination. In January of that year, the US forced first arrived in the UK, ready to deploy with the allied forced onto the European mainland.

However in the February 1943, the German army was handed their first major defeat in Stalingrad. Sensing the changing of the tides of war, the allies on the Western Front poised to start their march towards Berlin. Faith in the intelligence gained by the Enigma Code were still heavily in question. Both sides has suffered greatly and the coming battle would decide the ultimate outcome of the war.

Teams are fighting not only for territory but gathering resources, collecting dog tags, and securing mission critical intelligence. Can you crack the code and gain the tactical advantage? Which army will win the war? Only you can decide.


General Information

Field speed limit will be 285fps (Feet per second)

All players must sign a wavier

All day air is included

Game Times:

March 10th, 2018

7:30am - Registration Opens

7:30am - Pro-Shop Opens

9:15am - Safety/Game Briefing

1:00pm - Lunch Break

4:00pm - Game Concludes

4:30pm - Scores, Awards and Raffle drawing



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