Story Line:

DARK HORSE - based upon the current technology, the AQUITY GROUP, a private firm from the silicon valley region of Northern California had developed a new system for the government that uses their A.I. system to continuously cross reference public and private communications, police and military data-bases, satellite transmissions, and surveillance systems including metro cameras and traffic light systems. The system, the Autometric Databank Access Mainframe, (nicknamed A.D.A.M.)was designed to help monitor data streams searching for patterns or distinct irregularities.
In an effort to thwart domestic acts of terrorism a demand for such a system was quietly brought online in 2011. Since this time, small errors began to pop up. Each time tech specialists were able to re-code the software to correct the error and get the system back online. However, late in 2014, the system began a series of irregular, unscheduled, self-diagnostic tests. Attempts to correct the issues failed. Follow two major attempts to take the system offline the lead tech specialists died within a week of each other. One in a fatal car accident believed to be the result of a failure of a traffic light control system in San Francisco that led to a 13 car pileup. The second died after an elevator in the Willis Tower building of Chicago had brake failure returning from the upper floor killing him, and two others after they dropped 23 floors. 
The existence of the system first began to but on the dark internet in late 2012. Several hackers, militants, and "doomsday prepers" began to forecast the system would lead to anarchy of mass distrust. The DARKGOVERNMENT sites became a hotbed for talk of revolution. In January of 2015 A.D.A.M. began to system checks with were expanding to NSA, FAA systems, C.I.A, and F.B.I, mainframes. Initially floated in the media as "international cyber-attacks", government officials and AQUITY GROUP team again scrambled to attempt to take them system offline. However this was a dismal failure as A.D.A.M. had begun to move and re-write portions of its code and primary functionality to mainframes all across the country, growing the processing power exponentially.
A group calling itself NEW ORDER CONFEDERACY, led by a figure that calls herself “Ananke” after the Greek goddess whose name literally translates to ” "with force, constraint and necessity”  has seized upon the chaos and begun a series of strategic strikes on civilian and military targets. Civil unrest was becoming commonplace. In cities across the nation, martial law was in effect.  With each response and counter-strike we moved closer and closer to a modern civil war.
A second group, calling itself CHIMERA sought to control A.D.A.M. and launch their DARK HORSE PROTOCOL. In Late March of 2015 they successful hacked the NSA and launched their “Trojan horse” which has been slowly taking over system after system.
April 13th, 2015 - The last transmission from A.D.A.M. simple reads...."EXECUTE DARK HORSE PROTOCOL ", as hundreds of thousands of documents, data files, photos of video streams began to flood the internet, and government systems come to a screeching halt. A.D.A.M. is awake. . .

-   RED – CHIMERA (unlimited)
-   PURPLE – BLACK CELL – NSA Special Forces unit designed to fight cyber terrorists and looking to permanently disable A.D.A.M. and take down Chimera and the NOC. (15 player cap OR 1:4 RATIO)


Event Pricing

$25 Early-Bird Registration:

Valid until April 27th, 2015 at Midnight

$35 Early Registration:

Valid until May 4th, 2015 at Midnight

$45 Pre-Registration:

Valid until May 11th, 2015 at Midnight



  • Free Event T-Shirt
  • $10.00 off a case of Marballizer Paintballs (When pre-paid online)
  • Entry Fee
  • All day air pass
  • Limited Edition Player ID card
  • Full Rental Equipment (Free)


General Information

Open mode of fire (Semi, Ramping, Burst, and Full Auto) with 12.5bps (Rate of Fire)

Field speed limit will be 285fps (Feet per second)

Game Times:

7:30am - Registration Opens

7:30am - Pro-Shop Opens

9:15am - Safety/Game Briefing

9:45am - Players Report to the field

10:00am - Game Begins

1:00pm - Lunch Break

2:00pm - Game Resumes

4:00pm - Break for Final Battle

4:10pm - Final Battle Game Brief

4:30pm - Final Battle Begins

5:00pm - Game Concludes

5:30pm - Scores, Awards and Raffle drawing

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