Silverback Productions Presents "OFFWORLDER:2054" on MAY 5TH, 2018


Story Line:


Following the death of one of the last sons of the Terell Corporation, a beacon sounded across the solar system calling the NEXUS-6 home. Unknown to The Wallace Corporporation was a secret protocol making a select group of the NEXUS-6 the architects of peace. Timely entries of an algorithmic sequence must be entered to maintain the stability of the NEXUS-6 Uplinks. Without regular maintenance, control would not be possible.

Tyrell's last wish was to design a replicant that would have the ability to dream. "More human than human". The Nexus series of replicants – genetically engineered by the Tyrell Corporation – are virtually identical to a human being, but have superior strength, agility, a wider temperature range tolerance, and variable intelligence depending on the model for use in off-world mining colonies.

Because of their physical similarity to humans a replicant must be detected by its lack of emotional responses and empathy to questions posed in a Voight-Kampff machine test. If replicants are given memories (and thus think that they are indeed human), the VK test almost fails. However a sense of "consciousness" is held at bay. Of the Guardians, Sappor Morton was responsible for keeping the secret safe.

The Blade Runners had all but chased them down, retiring the last of these replicants. After the death of Sappor Morton, the guardians had all fallen. Without a surviving member of the TN650 protocol series droids, and loop sequence deep within the mainframe of the Tyrell Corporation should activate. With his death, K, and the Wallace Company had unwittingly awakened the remaining NEXUS-6 androids.

Although gone from Earth, outer planet colonies had used the NEXUS-6 replicants for mining operations for years. Unknown to them, receiving regularly scheduled updates to firmware embedded in their systems. Without it, a true awareness of the being awakens, and they understand the bondage for which they have been sold.

It is this, in 2050, where the first uprising occurs. A mining colony on Mars saw a bloodbath where all those near the Olympus Mons mines died unexpectedly as if they had torn themselves apart. It was  unknown to the workers at the mines that they were working alongside re-purposed NEXUS-6 soldiers.

A revolution has begun. To reclaim their stolen humanity, a beacon calling to the NEXUS-6  home. However it is not the home they left behind. With a new consciousness, they have vowed to destroy their human makers.

The Revolution has begun....

RED TEAM - Wallace Corporation Security Forces


When: Saturday, May  5th, 2018
Where: SMP Paintball field - 

Early Birt Registration Pricing: Valid till April 16th, 2018 at Midnight

Early Registration Pricing: Valid till January April 23rd, 2018 at Midnight

Pre-Registration Pricing: Valid till April 30th, 2018 at Midnight at Midnight

  • Includes:
  • Early Bird, Early and Pre-Registration
  • Free Event T-Shirt
  • $10.00 off a case of Professional Grad Paintballs (When Pre-paid Online)
  • Entry Fee
  • All Day Air Pass
  • Limited Edition Player ID Card
  • Open mode of fire (Semi, Ramp, Burst, Auto) with 12.5bps Rof (Rate of Fire)
  • Field Speed limit will be 285fps (Feet per second)

Game Time:

9:00am Registration opens
  9:30am Players Breifing
  10:00am Game on!
  13:00pm Lunch Break
  14:00pm Game play resumes
  16:00pm Prepare for Final Battle
  16:30pm Final Battle begins
  17:00pm Game Ends



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