It all started in 2017...

The CDC had a small incident in the southern part of Maryland with a breakout of what some called, "the undead."  The threat was immediately contained within the compounds of an industrial site located off of Route 301 in Newburg. 

The threat became so big that the army was called in to try and control the incident that many believed should have long been resolved. With the help of the public and many local zombie hunters, the outbreak was contained, but not totally resolved. The undead returned and began to spread across the country side.


We Need Your Help!

It’s now 2019, and, once again, we need your help, government sources have confined these zombies to a paintball field in Maryland, but they don’t have enough shooters. Have you got what it takes to send these zombies back to whence they came?


Are you ready? Come take seat on one of our zombie assault vehicles as we take on this zombie outbreak.


Visit our website dedicated to the Zombie Assault Ride.




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