Platinum Birthday Party Package

Our Platinum Paintball Party is the party of all parties.  This package is for up to 10 players and includes 2000 paintballs for the group.  This package also provides a private referee and access to private fields for private play for a 3 hour period without the worry of playing with other experienced guests.   We do not stop there, we supply all the bells and whistles so that mom can enjoy the party instead of playing hostess.  We also include a few extra goodies to make the birthday player feel extra special.

Each Platinum Party Guest will Receive:

  • All Day Park Admission ($5 Value)
  • All Day Compressed Air fills ($15 Value)
  • Semi-Auto Paintball Marker ($15 Value)
  • Full Face Safety Goggles
  • Compressed Air Tank w/ Unlimited Air Refills
  • Safety Barrel Sleeve
  • 2000 "Field Paint Only" Paintballs ($70 Value)
  • Private Referee ($200 Value)
  • Cupcakes ($10 Value)
  • Private birthday bunker ($50 Value)

Special Birthday Child Perks:

  • SMP Paintball Birthday T-Shirt ($15 Value)
  • Upgraded Rental Marker ($20 Value)
  • Smoke bomb ($8 Value)
  • Paintball grenade ($6 Value)


Date of Play:

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