Delta Rental Package

     Our most popular package, "The Delta Rental Package", will outfit you with all essential rental and safety equiqment needed to play, along with enough paintballs to last a 3-4 hour period for the average player.  Our Delta Paintball Equipment package will insure they you have the ammunition it takes to get the job done.  Should 500 rounds not be enough, your only cost to continue to play will be additional paintballs, or you can save yourself from all the hassle and step up to the plate with our Elite Rental Package.  

 The Delta Package Includes:

  • All Day Park Admission ($5 Value)
  • All Day Compressed Air fills ($15 Value)
  • Semi-Auto Paintball Marker ($15 Value)
  • Full Face Safety Goggles
  • Compressed Air Tank w/ Unlimited Air Refills
  • Safety Barrel Sleeve
  • 500 "Field Paint Only" Paintballs ($25 Value)


Rental Packages

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