Elite Rental Package

     WARNING, our Elite Rental package is designed with the serious player in mind and is not for the weak or kind hearted.  This package insures that you are packing plenty of fire power to run with the big boys.  No need to worry that you have never played paintball before,  intimidation alone will be enough to make your enemies want to surrender.   Don't say we didn't tell you so, but once you go Elite, you will never want to use a standard rental marker again.   

 The Elite Package Includes:

  • All Day Park Admission ($5 Value)
  • All Day Compressed Air fills ($15 Value)
  • Electronic "Full Auto" Rental Marker ($35 Value)
  • Full Face Safety Goggles
  • Compressed Air Tank w/ Unlimited Air Refills
  • Safety Barrel Sleeve
  • 2000 "Field Paint Only" Paintballs ($70 Value) (double the average consumption rate)
  • Assault Vest with Extra Clips ($10 Value) (no chance of running out of ammo now)


Rental Packages

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