Sniper Rental Package

     Perfect for the beginner that is not for sure if they are going to make it an all day event or not.  Includes all the essential rental equipment needed to play with just enough paintballs to help make that decision to stay or go home. Should you stay, only additional cost is more paintballs.  Our Delta Package might be a better fit for those looking for a 3 to 4 hour playing experience with enough paintballs to last.

 The Sniper Package Includes:

  • All Day Park Admission($5 Value)
  • All Day Compressed Air fills ($15 Value)
  • Semi-Auto Paintball Marker ($15 Value)
  • Full Face Safety Goggles
  • Compressed Air Tank w/ Unlimited Air Refills
  • Saftey Barrel Sleeve
  • 200 FIELD PAINT ONLY Paintballs ($15 Value)


Rental Packages

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